It's seems Living Social have mentioned TACTIC as a thing to do/see in Cork, calling us the most innovative new arts space. Just happened to log on to the website and a familar image caught my eye. We've been allocated number 148. I don't know if that is a ranking or just a listing!
Today is the last day of the ArtTrail Festival and your last chance to see Neil Butler's Under the Flag. The guy has some interesting business cards, I say interesting because I love them and also think they are the ugliest business cards I have ever seen.

Hopefully this is not the last day of ArtTrail ever. The festival did not receive funding for next year. There will be a meeting in the Elysian today at 5pm to discuss the future of the festival with the hope that artists or groups will be able to take over the running of parts of ArtTrail such as this year's Embassy project or the publication.



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