Later this year exhibition makers Stag & Deer are putting on a series of events, the first to be announced is ASPECT. ASPECT is am open submission photography show that will take place here at TACTIC, Sample-Studios. Rightbrain are sponsoring the exhibition and will print all the selected works. One of the selected artists will also be offered a residency at The Guesthouse.

The Selection panel is Matt Packer of The Lewis Glucksman Gallery, Pádraig Spillane & Pamela Condell of Stag & Deer, Sheelah Moloney of 2020 Art Gallery, and Pamela Myers, TACTIC's Artistic Manager.

Visit Stag & Deer for more info and for details on how to apply


New Space!

Sample-Studios expanded, is still expanding, and we got a new space on the third floor. Bigger and better. Our relaunch was Wednesday the 23rd with Flotsam & Jetsam curated by Kirstie North. It was a fantastic night and we would like to thank everyone who came, the turn out was fantastic and is hopefully a sign of an exciting summer of exhibition visiting!
As part of the Days on End sonic arts festival Irene Murphy was resident in the space for one week. During ON, the 24hr sound art event, visitors could interact with the installation/studio. It was really successful people really got into it! There are more photographs on flickr.
We have released an open call for curators for a newly expanded exhibition space. In the past we have worked with curators from outside visual arts such as musicians working in sound art & installation and filmmakers. Hopefully there will be an opportunity to work with people from science, research or engineering backgrounds as well as experienced visual arts curators/practitioners.

It's seems Living Social have mentioned TACTIC as a thing to do/see in Cork, calling us the most innovative new arts space. Just happened to log on to the website and a familar image caught my eye. We've been allocated number 148. I don't know if that is a ranking or just a listing!
Today is the last day of the ArtTrail Festival and your last chance to see Neil Butler's Under the Flag. The guy has some interesting business cards, I say interesting because I love them and also think they are the ugliest business cards I have ever seen.

Hopefully this is not the last day of ArtTrail ever. The festival did not receive funding for next year. There will be a meeting in the Elysian today at 5pm to discuss the future of the festival with the hope that artists or groups will be able to take over the running of parts of ArtTrail such as this year's Embassy project or the publication.

Really inspiring talks at the studios last Saturday as part of ArtTrail 2011. "Critical Times" by The Provisional University as part of the Trash Culture Review and "A Nation of Art without a Future" with Italian curators Marianna Liosi and Alessandra Saviotti host a discussion event with guests Mick Wilson, Dean of GradCam, Dublin and Luigi Fassi, director of ar/ge kunst Galerie Museum in Bolzano Italy. 
Under the Flag runs until December the 4th. More of Neil Butlers work can be found on his Vimeo page and his website.
Art Trail are our next curator the theme of the 2011 festival is National Interest. They have programmed as part of this year's show, Under the Flag, an exhibition of Neil Butler's work. Butler is a London based artist and a graduate of Crawford College of Art & Design and Byram Shaw at Central Saint Martins, London. He has recently been awarded funding by the Arts Council of Ireland.

The opening is this Saturday, the 19th of November at 8pm. 
As part of Seeing the Light exhibition there will be a series of experimental film screenings.  All events are free and there is no need to book as we will have plenty of chairs. It screenings will be here at WRKSHP, the theatre/cinema/workshop space in the studios, which has been revamped, painted and had black-out blinds fitted.

The dates and details are:

Monday November 7th, 8pm: THE CONSECUTIVE IMPOSTORS

The Consecutive Impostors are Esperanza Collado and Maximilian Le Cain, and this screening presents work from or connected to their ongoing project ‘Operation Rewrite’. Stemming from an original concept of making very short videos for the internet following a set of strict formal rules, ‘Operation Rewrite’ has mutated into a multidisciplinary art project that keeps at its centre the idea of the interruption as crucial to cinematic montage.


The partnership of Hungarian filmmakers Ivan & Igor Buharov has produced some of the most unique and quirkily beautiful experimental cinema to have come out of Europe in the past decade. To watch a Buharov film has been described as “getting lost in someone else’s dream. The directors Igor and Ivan Buharov invite us to see the insides of their brains through various amusing and absurd story-lines.”(Off Screen Film Festival, Brussels) These darkly playful hallucinations come with the aura of having been discovered in someone’s attic, precisely revealing a world perhaps subconsciously suspected but hitherto un-describable. Ivan & Igor Buharov will be present in person to discuss their work…

Wednesday November 9th, 6pm: (AN)OTHER IRISH CINEMA & VICKY LANGAN

The (An)Other Irish Cinema screening project consists of the work of three Irish-based independent filmmakers: Donal Foreman, Rouzbeh Rashidi and Maximilian Le Cain. Although their styles are very different, they are linked by the use of exploratory, non-script-based approaches to filmmaking and by a keen awareness of the cinema histories that have explored the medium's possibilities far beyond the accepted rules of the multiplex. This programme includes Foreman’s acclaimed fiction shorts Pull and Refuge; three episodes of Rashidi’s current, darkly hypnotic short film series Homo Sapiens Project; and the premiere of the visually overpowering Lullaby, the latest work in an ongoing creative partnership between Le Cain and Cork-based sound/performance artist Vicky Langan.


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